One of my first posts here on Everybody has a brain was about how I wanted to make things that could create social value. Over the last year, one of those things has been helping to build Everybody has a brain, but I’ve also tried to get much more involved in my community here in Vancouver. Since I had been living here for over 3 years, I felt it was time to start taking an active role in trying to change things for the better where I lived.

Seeing a positive statement written in your environment can start conversations, ideas, and establish values for everyone to share.  A few months ago in May, I created Project Thankful with Justine. It was 30-day challenge to share moments, people, and things you were thankful for - both offline (by drawing on the big wood board you see above) and online (through Instagram and Twitter). That simple thought of appreciating what you’re thankful for went a long way.

Even though it lasted just over a month, we got a huge positive reaction from the people that participated.  We had some amazing conversations with them, and the board we had filled up in no time. It showed us that when the opportunity is there to listen and make positive thoughts public, people will take the chance to make themselves heard.

Since seeing this project through, Justine and I got inspired to do more projects like this that encourage positive change in our communities. I’m so happy I took the step this year to act on my feelings to create social value, and excited to see what I can do for the next one!

- Matt